Linksys WAG54GS ADSL Monitor

I wrote this program to monitor the upstream and downstream SNRM and attenuation on a Linksys wag54gs.  Unlike other tools available, the program is capable of continuously monitoring your ADSL line status and graphing the results.  The monitored SNR can be saved as a .csv file, which includes timestamps for each event, and although by default the graph shows the SNR for the total period monitored, it can be zoomed in by using the scroll wheel and scrolled left and right.  The graph can also be saved to the clipboard or saved as an image file, which is useful for diagnostic purposes.

The above is a saved graph showing several hours monitoring, with two drops of sync. The next graph is zoomed in to show the first 20 minutes.

Screen shot of WAG54GS Status monitor.

The program is quite simple to set up, but the router needs an adjustment in its settings to allow the program to connect.

To do this, log into the wag54gs and go to the administration page.  The second item down is for the SNMP settings. You need to put WAG54GS in the name box, and public into each of the community boxes, the rest of the settings can be left blank. Next, put a dot in the little box next to enable, then go to the bottom of the page and save the settings.  At this point the router will reboot.  Thats it, its now set up !!

OK, now we need to tell the monitor program how to connect to the router.  In the IP Address box, put the address of your router (this defaults to which is the default address for the router).  In the community box, put public, or whatever your get community name is (if you have followed these instructions it will be public.  Thats it, if you wish you can change the default monitoring time from 5 seconds to a value more suitable to you.  e.g. 1 second, 15 seconds,30 seconds etc.

Click start and the program will monitor your line statistics.

This program requires Microsoft .net framework 3.5.  If you do not have this, the installer will prompt you to download it.


The beta two version is now available to download.   Updates include support for firmware V1.01.01 & V1.01.03, monitoring time and sync up time now displayed and recorded in logfile. Current session bytes in/out now displayed.  DSL and PPP status now displayed.  Recorded data (including graph) can be cleared.


This program should not affect your router or internet conection as it only ever reads from the router.  However in the unlikely event of anything going wrong I am not responsible for any issues arising from the use of this monitor.


Inspiration by Matt.  Alpha version testing by Dusty. This program uses portions of code licensed under The GNU Lesser General Public License.


WAG54GS Status Monitor Beta Version 1

WAG54GS Status Monitor Beta Version 2